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The Mighty 7

FRCH set out to create a new way of gathering and analyzing data, one that simplifies the results. By measuring a set of core touchpoints, The Mighty 7, retailers can identify how to best engage with consumers in meaningful ways. Although each of these touchpoints has an impact on Brand Actualization, Advocacy, Relationships and Corporate Soul are much more critical.

The Mighty 7, Brand Actualization

advocacyThe pinnacle of engagement where consumers actively promote and help the brand engage others.

Example: Anthropologie makes their customers feel important and valued in many ways; from their ‘treasure hunt’ approach to merchandising and storytelling, to the monthly birthday parties they throw in store, to their seasonally-themed craft events.


relationshipThe two-way communications that occur between a retailer and its customers.

Example: With a service culture bar none, Sephora listens to their customers and allows them to engage on their own terms, whether in store, or through an online channel. The wildly successful ‘Beauty Insider’ loyalty program tracks more than purchases, but personal preferences and needs in order to proactively send customers relevant product trials.

Corporate Soul

soulThe underlying mission, promises social and environmental responsibility priorities of a retailer.  

Example: In his letter to employees, REI CEO Jerry Stritzke says it best: “We’re a different kind of company.” One guided by the belief that being outside makes lives better, that’s why their decision to close on Black Friday and #OPTOUTSIDE is just another instance of the brand’s powerful corporate soul.


experiencesInteractions with the store that engage the senses, imagination and sense of place.

Example: Coach stores have undergone much change in recent years, all focused on enhancing the experience, creating deeper connections between their brand and their customers. From product, to design, architecture, and service, every aspect has been examined under the lens of innovation, resulting in a space that’s more elegant, with hi-touch service and technology that enhances the environment.

Image & Personality

imageThe visual and verbal tone of the brand.

Example: As bold and iconic as the man behind the brand, Michael Kors signature ‘MK’ is instantly recognizable, and unmistakable as a symbol of everyday luxury. Expressive of the American sportswear lifestyle, the brand’s tone is polished and sleek with a jet-set attitude.


craftThe assortment of products & services offered and their overall quality.

With a laser-focus on product technology known as ‘The Art of Innovation’, Oakley consistently pushes themselves to break new boundaries, optimizing their products for the uncompromising demands of professional athletes. From high definition optics, to glare, impact, and UV protection, Oakley’s patented tech earns them high praise for mastery of their craft and attention to detail.


technologyThe collection of web, mobile, in-store and social media touchpoints that make up a brand’s digital footprint.

Example: When Disney embarked on a new chapter in their parks history, incorporating digital experiences throughout, they made a conscious decision to humanize the interface in the form of a bracelet lovingly called the “Magic Band.” An enhancement which adds richness of storytelling, contextualizing each park-goers experience and drawing them closer to the characters sense of place.

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